11 Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas (+ Best Outdoor Appliances)


Small outdoor kitchens are all the rage these days, and with good reason. They offer a place to cook and enjoy food with friends or family, even when the weather isn’t quite to your liking, and they don’t take up much space.

It doesn’t have to cost a fortune to furnish it either.

Whether you are looking for a unique setting or want to save space and money on remodeling costs, these 11 small outdoor kitchen ideas will help make your space stand out.

Just look at these brilliant designs and imagine how they can become part of your home decorating sense!

In this article, I’ll go over:

  • 11 outdoor kitchen ideas for small spaces
  • Things to consider when designing a small outdoor kitchen
  • Best outdoor kitchen appliances

Let’s dive in!

Why should you have a small outdoor kitchen space in your home?

simple-outdoor-kitchen -deas

If you’re considering building an outdoor kitchen, you should consider how much space you need.

Small outdoor kitchen space is often better than a large space because it can be used for multiple purposes and is more efficient in terms of both time and money.

You don’t have to build an all-in-one setup, which can be expensive and take up too much room.

Instead, consider building an outdoor kitchen on its deck or patio with different spaces, including a grill station, seating area, and food prep station.

This way, you only have to purchase one item instead of several pieces of equipment that could be used elsewhere in your home.

It’s also important to consider how much time you will spend cooking outdoors instead of inside your home.

Suppose you’re planning on doing most of your meal prep outside.

In that case, having fewer items will make sense and reduce maintenance costs over time due to less frequent cleaning or maintenance visits from a professional contractor (if needed).

11 Small outdoor kitchen ideas you should try this year

If you want to invest in a new small outdoor kitchen this year, I have you covered!

Many options exist, from a simple bench seating area to a full-fledged dining room. But don’t get overwhelmed! Here are 11 small outdoor kitchen ideas that will help you get started:

A small outdoor kitchen with an integrated sink
A small outdoor kitchen with a mini fridge
Outdoor kitchen with stainless steel appliances
A small outdoor kitchen and a dining area on a patio
Small outdoor kitchen in a shed
Outdoor kitchen of painted concrete pavers
Outdoor kitchen with open shelves and a bar table countertop
An outdoor corner kitchen with a built-in seating area on one side
Outdoor kitchen with two L-shaped counters lining the perimeter of the space
Install a built-in grill to the wall of your outdoor kitchen
Portable fire pit

Let’s review each idea to learn more about how to implement it!

1. A small outdoor kitchen with an integrated sink


I’m a big fan of an outdoor kitchen with an integrated sink. I like that it’s designed to be portable, and I also like that it has all the same features as a traditional indoor kitchen.

It’s a great way to make your cooking and outdoor living space more flexible, especially if you’re working on a tight budget or just don’t have room for an indoor appliance.

And because it’s integrated into the sink, it doesn’t take up any extra counter space, which is perfect for those who don’t have much room in their yard or apartment.

I also like that it looks pretty simple but still has some neat design elements.

2. A small outdoor kitchen with a mini fridge

Small Outdoor Kitchen Sink 1

The outdoor refrigeration is a great way to entertain, host a BBQ, or just enjoy some simple food outdoors.

This idea is perfect for small spaces or when you want to bring your family and friends out for a meal.

The mini fridge is perfect for storing drinks and snacks, so you can relax and enjoy the outdoors without worrying about running out of food.

3. Outdoor kitchen with stainless steel appliances and cabinets

(Image Source)

If you want to make the most of a small space, you should consider designing a kitchen that fits into your space and uses as little material as possible.

One way to do this is by using stainless steel appliances and cabinets. Stainless steel is durable and easy to clean, which means it will last for years without needing special care.

Another great feature about stainless steel is that it can be painted or stained in any color, making it easy for people who love different styles of décor to find something they like.

4. A small outdoor kitchen and a dining area on a patio


​​A small outdoor kitchen and a dining area on a patio is an ideal place to gather your friends and family for a dinner party or any other occasion.

The space can be used as a full-time kitchen during the summer or as an indoor space when the weather is poor.

The patio has an attached yard for gardening, or you could use it for sunbathing.

5. Small outdoor kitchen in a shed


The idea for a small outdoor kitchen in a shed is perfect for people who want to add extra space to their yard or garden.

It also allows you to cook food without going back inside their house.

If you have enough space in your shed, you can install a small outdoor kitchen with a stove and oven. You will also need some pots and pans sold separately, so you can only buy what you need.

This way, you won’t have too many pieces of equipment at once and can organize them better because there will be less clutter around the shed.

6. Outdoor kitchen of painted concrete pavers


The outdoor kitchen with painted concrete pavers is a great addition to any home.

I love the look of the painted concrete pavers at the side of the house. They were so striking, and they’d be a perfect way to add some color and texture to the outdoor space.

The outdoor kitchen with painted concrete pavers is made of several different styles that you can mix and match in your backyard.

This is also an excellent choice if you want a unique way to add character to your outdoor cooking space.

7. Portable fire pit

Portable fire pits are a great way to keep your backyard space warm while giving you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors without spending a lot of time building a fire pit.

They’re easy to set up, and they can be moved around as needed. You just need empty space and some tools!

If you want to get fancy with it, you could even paint them and add accents like stars or flames.

8. Outdoor kitchen with open shelves and a bar table countertop

outdoor kitchen with open shelves
(Image Source)

Outdoor kitchens should be built with open shelving that can accommodate large cooking pots and pans to maximize space.

This means that the shelves must be not only able to hold these things but also be able to support them as well.

If they don’t do this, you may find that your outdoor kitchen is more of a storage space than anything else!

The bar table countertop is another popular feature of outdoor kitchens. It’s great for serving drinks while you cook or just hanging out, making it a perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen design.

9. An outdoor corner kitchen with a built-in seating area on one side

outdoor kitchen with seating area

An outdoor corner kitchen with a built-in seating area on one side will be the perfect place to entertain guests. With this design, you can have everything in one space: food prep, cooking, and eating.

For easy access, you can place your cooking appliances (like flat-top grill and pellet smoker) on the other two sides. This space will be perfect for entertaining friends and family.

With a built-in seating area on one side, this space is also great for hosting barbecues or just hanging out with friends. This design is sure to impress those who come over!

10. Outdoor kitchen with two L-shaped counters lining the perimeter of the space

outdoor kitchen with L shape counters
(Image Source)

This design is simple and elegant, allowing you to cook on both sides of the counter at once. Plus, having a small family will allow you to cook everything at once while still having plenty of room for everyone.

My favorite part about this design is that it looks great and uses very little energy—you can even run your dishwasher outside! This is one of those ideas that’s so simple and practical that I’m sure you’ll love it too.

11. Install a built-in grill to the wall of your outdoor kitchen

built in appliances

Grills are great because they let you cook up all sorts of tasty things, from burgers to steaks. But not everyone has enough space in their backyard or on their deck to set up a full-fledged outdoor grill.

If you want to take advantage of the benefits of grilling but don’t have the space, we think this would be a great solution!

It takes up less room than a full-sized grill, doesn’t require any assembly or installation, and can be moved around easily between different areas of your yard or deck so you can cook multiple dishes at once without having to move your larger grill setup.

Plus, it looks great as part of a larger outdoor kitchen design!

What to consider when designing your own small outdoor kitchen?

small outdoor kitchen design

1. Maximize your space.

When designing a small, fully equipped outdoor kitchen, it’s important to consider how you can maximize available space.

One way to do this is by using the floor space for storage.

For example, rather than placing all your pots and pans in one corner of the kitchen, you could put them in different areas around the room, so they’re closer to where you cook.

This will allow you to use more of your space without having to move an entire set of pots and pans around whenever you want to cook something different.

Another way to maximize your space is by using wall space.

You could put shelves on the wall above or below your sink or stovetop so that it becomes easier to reach everything that’s stored there without having to move things around again every time you want to use them!

Choose the right appliances.

When you’re designing a small outdoor kitchen space, it’s important to consider the appliances that will be used in it. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Do you need a built-in oven? A built-in oven saves space and reduces clutter, but it can also be expensive to install and maintain.

If you don’t have one, you can always buy an extra-large oven that fits inside your existing range top. You could also get a portable barbecue grill instead of installing one on your existing stovetop.

2. Does your kitchen use induction cooking? Induction cooktops use electric coils instead of flames to heat up food evenly on the surface of the pan or bowl.

This type of cooking is more efficient than conventional methods because it doesn’t require any additional fuel or energy consumption.

Create a cooking area that can be used in all weather.

When designing a small outdoor kitchen, you want to ensure the outdoor dining space can be used in all weather.

If you’re building something from scratch, you’ll want to consider how much sunlight your space gets and what temperatures it can handle.

You’ll also want to think about how much ventilation your space needs.

If you’re using an existing structure, like a shed or garage, you’ll need to ensure that it’s structurally sound and withstand the elements.

You’ll also need to ensure sufficient ventilation so that condensation doesn’t build up and cause rust in the woodwork or metal parts of the structure.

It’s also important to consider what type of food will be prepared in this area.

Suppose it’s something that needs high heat or long cooking times (like roasts). In that case, you may want to consider installing a stovetop grill or under-counter smoker that allows for higher cooking temperatures than would otherwise be possible outdoors.

Leave room to add a fridge and outdoor sink

This is important if you want to store food for longer periods or if you need to wash dishes after dinner.

Build-in seating

A kitchen with built-in seating is a great way to make your outdoor space more comfortable and inviting.

Whether you’re looking for the comfort of a full-sized sofa or a bench that takes up less space, there are many options. But before you get started, it’s important to consider these things:

Is the seating going to be exposed to the elements?

Do you have enough space in your yard for this furniture?

Whether or not your seats will be permanent or portable?

Don’t forget about storage

Create storage solutions that are both functional and beautiful!

Shelves are essential for any kitchen, but they also offer the opportunity to add character and style by using decorative pots or vases as bookends on top of them instead of just putting them directly on the ground below them (which can look too chaotic).

You could even use these same items as decor by hanging them from hooks built into your shelves, so they hang down instead of sitting flat against the wall.

Make sure you have enough counter space

It’s important to have enough counter space in your outdoor kitchen. You don’t want to be limited by the space in your small outdoor kitchen, so it’s important to design with enough room for everything you need.

The material you use to build your outdoor kitchen

The material you use to build the outdoor kitchen is a really important consideration. The kind of container you choose will affect your overall design and the way your outdoor space looks.

The best materials for your outdoor kitchen include:

  • concrete (for a rustic feel)
  • metal (for a modern feel)
  • stone (for an antique look)
  • wood (for a natural feel)

What are the best outdoor kitchen appliances?

small outdoor kitchen appliances

1. Outdoor mini fridge

Outdoor mini fridges are one of the many new and exciting pieces of outdoor kitchen equipment. They are ideal for small spaces, such as decks or patios.

They can be used to store drinks, cold food, and even ice in your fridge. They have a built-in thermostat that keeps the food cool while you enjoy it on your deck or patio.

They have storage shelves with a capacity of up to five pounds of food or beverages each. The shelves are adjustable, so they can be easily removed if you need more space for other items.

2. Grills And Smokers

One of the best outdoor cooking appliances is the grill/smoker. They are available in many styles, with various features and accessories. Here are some of the most common kinds:

Pellet grill/smoker

They are made to burn wood pellets, which are very efficient at producing heat and releasing smoke. Pellet smokers/grills is an excellent choice for those who want a grill that uses minimal fuel.

Charcoal grill/smoker

Charcoal smokers/grills are constructed from solid steel, so they can take more abuse than other types of grills. They are also easy to clean and will last many years if properly cared for.

Gas grill/smoker

They come in different models and sizes, but they have one thing in common: they’re all designed to cook food quickly and efficiently. Gas grills can be used for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

Electric grill/smoker

The electric smoker/grill a perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen. This grill is built with a high-temperature stainless steel body and has an electric heating element that provides steady heat throughout the cooking process.

3. Beverage cooler

If you have an outdoor kitchen, you know how important it is to have an appliance that keeps your drinks cool.

A beverage cooler is a great way to keep drinks cold and ready whenever guests come over.

You can buy several different beverage coolers for your outdoor kitchen, but the two most popular options are ice chests and chest freezers.

Ice chests

Ice chests are great for storing large quantities of ice and keeping drinks cold for longer periods of time than other options. But a chest freezer might be more appropriate for your needs if you live in a hot climate or just don’t want to spend as much money on one.

Chest freezers

Chest freezers make it easy to store food safely inside them without worrying about spoiling anything too quickly by leaving it out too long at room temperature.

The best part about these stainless steel appliances is that they’re durable enough to last through multiple seasons without needing any repairs or replacement parts down the line!

4. Countertop pizza oven

What if you could add a little pizzazz to your outdoor kitchen?

A pizza oven can do this work for you. It can not only make delicious pizza, but you can also use it for baking pieces of bread, roasting meats, and even making ice cream!

5. Ice maker

When you can’t get enough of that cool feeling of a perfectly-made drink on a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than having an ice maker outside your door.

You don’t have to leave your home to enjoy the fresh taste of iced tea or lemonade in the middle of the day—you can make it right there, with just a few simple steps!

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Final Thoughts

We hope that these 11 small outdoor kitchen ideas have provided you with plenty of inspiration.

I hope you give one (or more) of them thought.

Who knows?

You may find the perfect little outdoor kitchen for your yard, allowing you to entertain family and friends in a new way or enjoy some intimate dinners alone under the stars.

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