7 Best Flat Top Grill For Perfect Outdoor Cooking (2022)

Choose the best flat top grill for your weekend BBQ party is critical. From allowing you to enjoy your meal freshly and healthily to giving you opportunities to make new recipes at home. In this article, I’ve compiled my top 7 picks for flat top grills on the market.

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Flat top grills are a powerful device that can cook your food in the right conditions.

They are designed to be versatile, allowing you to prepare a wide range of dishes and styles of cuisine from various cultures all over the world.

They have the large cooking space and power to execute any outdoor meal with precision and perfection.

Along with my review of the 7 best flat top grills for perfect outdoor BBQ in 2022, in this article, I’ll share about:

  • Flat top grill’s pros and cons
  • How does a flat top grill work
  • What to consider before buying the right one for your needs
  • And many more.

Let’s jump right in!

What are the best flat top grills?

  • Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600
  • Cuisinart 30″ Round Flat Top Grill
  • Blackstone 36″ Griddle Station
  • Royal Gourmet Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo
  • Pit Boss 3 Burner Flat Top Grill
  • Royal Gourmet 24″ Portable Griddle
  • Blackstone Adventure Ready 17″ Tabletop Outdoor Griddle

1. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600

Best Overall

gas grill

Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600

With a surface area of 600 square inches and a large cooking space, the Camp Chef Flat Top Grill feeds more than a mere 50-100 people at one shot.

Many propane gas grills have hot spots, but Campchef’s flat top distributes heat evenly because they have a large griddle and a design that spreads the heat.

From burgers to chicken breasts, sauces and sides, it can handle everything you throw at it—and it’s built to last.

Product Specs

Cooking space: 600 square inches
Maximum heat output: 48,000 BTUs

The number of burners: 4
Dimensions: 62.5 in. x 22 in. x 37 in.

Top Features

  • True Seasoned Surface—The grilling surface is non-stick, pre-seasoned & ready to cook!
  • It includes a griddle grease drain & grease catch cup for cleaning up quickly!
  • Adjustable Griddle Angle—The adjustable griddle allows for quick cooking with no hassle!
  • Three heat output levels: low, medium, and high!
  • Two Side Shelves—Both sides fold down when not in use.
  • The stainless steel burners and propane tank holder make this great grill convenient.

The bottom line

For the best flat top griddle for its price, durability, and convenience, I recommend Camp Chef 600. It is a great product you’ll need to make breakfast, lunch, dinner or even desserts in your outdoor kitchen.

You can check the latest price and buy the Camp Chef 600 Grill below:

2. Cuisinart 30″ Round Flat Top Grill

Best for gatherings

gas grill

Cuisinart 30″ Round Flat Top Grill

The Cuisinart XL Griddle Outdoor Cooking Station has it all. This cooking station will let you prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner with ease.

With a 30-inch diameter cooking center that features a 360° grease pan, a rear grease trap, and a paper towel holder, you will have even more cooking space than usual.

Its fold-out side tables come out of the way when not in use, making it easy to operate and clean.

This extremely versatile outdoor flat-top griddle makes it the perfect outdoor grill for any BBQ party or family gathering!

Product specs

Cooking space: 706 square inches
Maximum heat output:

The number of burners: 3
Dimensions: 60.5 x 37.5 x 42.5 inches

Top Features

  • With 3 burners that can be turned on and off separately, you can make hot and cold spots on the griddle surface.
  • The grease naturally flows from the oversized 360-degree grease pan to the grease cup, which can be removed for easy grease management.
  • The griddle’s lid is made of durable stainless steel and has a vent that helps it do things like smoking, steaming, baking, and roasting.
  • Before putting food on the griddle, you can prepare it on the two side tables.
  • One of the side tables has a paper towel holder built in for your convenience.

The bottom line

With a unique round-shaped grilling surface, this versatile grill will be ideal for gatherings and family get-togethers. The stainless steel housing ensures that it’s durable and long-lasting.

You can check the latest price and buy the Cuisinart 30″ Round Flat Top Grill below:

3. Blackstone 36′′ 4-Burner Griddle Station

Best for large cooking area

gas grill

Blackstone 36′′ 4-Burner Griddle Station

Blackstone’s Griddle Cooking Station is the cornerstone of Blackstone Products.

Whether you’re grilling, simmering, or roasting with your favorite seasoning, the Blackstone Griddle Conversion Kit is a great addition to any backyard cookout.

With its solid steel construction and baking stone surface, this unit is tough enough for heavy-duty use by outdoor enthusiasts.

Product Specs

Cooking space: 720 square inches
Maximum heat output: 60,000 BTUs

The number of burners: 4
Dimensions: 68.3″ x 27.5″ x 41.3″ inches

Top Features

  • The bottom shelf is perfect for burgers, while the side shelves are perfect for baking cakes or making sandwiches.
  • Plus, there are two side shelves with a cutting board, paper towel holder, and trash bag hooks to help keep things organized.
  • Easy to use – Just push the button on the front of the machine, and it will start cooking automatically! It’s great if you’re camping or just want to ensure everything is ready before heading out into the wild.
  • The durable plastic handle is heat resistant, so you can safely grab it barehanded without worrying about getting burned by hot grills.
  • The durable plastic handle is heat-resistant, allowing you to grab the handle barehanded safely.
  • The high-quality stainless steel construction can handle high heat, resists odors/stains, and is dishwasher safe.
  • With the removable griddle top, foldable legs, and four industrial-strength caster wheels.

The bottom line

Blackstone 36′′ 4-Burner Griddle Station is a great choice for those who are looking for a flat top griddle that has a large cooking space that will allow you to cook more than one thing at a time. It also comes with four burners so you can have more than one thing going on at once.

You can check the latest price and buy the Blackstone 36′′ 4-Burner Griddle Station below:

Is the Blackstone flat top grill easy to clean? Click here to check out the step-by-step guide on how to clean a Blackstone griddle!

4. Royal Gourmet Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

Best gas grill and griddle combo

gas grill

Royal Gourmet Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

You don’t have to be stuck cooking burgers and steaks on the old gas grill in the winter. Make life easier with this 4-burner gas grill and griddle combo by Royal Gourmet.

The easy-to-use design lets you put it together in just 15 minutes, and the two separate cooking zones allow you to fry rice, eggs, pancakes, bacon, or French toast just like you would on a traditional grill.

It has everything you need to turn your backyard into a weekend getaway.

Product Specs

Cooking space: 292 square inches
Maximum heat output: 44,000 BTUs

The number of burners: 4

  • It’s equipped with two fixed side tables that provide more preparation area and workspace.
  • There are four lockable caster wheels, so you can easily roll or transport your grill wherever you want without worrying about tipping over or dropping it on its side.
  • It includes a bottle opener on the side table.
  • The grill also comes with a removable grease trap for easy cleanup after cooking, as well as a grease cup for convenience during cooking.
  • This unit features four stainless steel burners for durability, and its collapsible legs make it convenient to assemble, store or transport between homes or apartments.
  • An automatic ignition system that will start up quickly with just a few pushes of the control knobs.
  • It has a Grease Management System, which includes a removable grease trap and a large grease cup to collect residues and drippings underneath.

The bottom line

If you are looking for a propane grill and griddle combo, Royal Gourmet Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo is ideal for you. The grill works great on all kinds of food from beef, chicken, or fish to pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

You can check the latest price and buy the Royal Gourmet Propane Gas Grill and Griddle Combo below:

5. Pit Boss 3 Burner Flat Top Grill

Best portable

gas grill

Pit Boss 3 Burner Flat Top Grill

The Pit Boss 3 Burner Flat Top Grill is a portable flat top grill designed to give you the ability to grill anywhere.

This versatile appliance offers two warming bars on each side of the griddle to keep your food warm while you prepare your meal.

The ideal choice for tailgating parties and family gatherings alike, this unit features a durable one-touch ignition system that lets you get cooking quickly and easily.

With a design for easy transport, this outdoor cooking station includes everything you need for grilling and more.

Product Specs

Cooking space: 536 square inches
Maximum heat output: 36,000 BTU

The number of burners: 3
Dimensions: 57 x 29 x 37 inches

Top Features

  • The cooking surface is made of a non-stick armored ceramic cooktop, which prevents sticking and makes cleaning easier.
  • The stainless steel bottle opener will help you enjoy your favorite beverages while grilling on this unit.
  • This portable grill has folding side shelves so you can store your grilling utensils and plates while still being able to use them when needed.
  • The paper towel holder will keep your hands and grill clean!
  • There are stainless steel accessory hooks included, which allow you to hang your tools or other items from the side of the unit so that they do not get in the way during use.

The bottom line

Our Pit Boss 3 Burner Flat Top Grill is perfect for those who are looking for a portable flat top grill that can go anywhere and still provide a great meal. This unit is perfect for tailgating , camping, or any other outdoor event!

You can check the latest price and buy the Pit Boss 3 Burner Flat Top Grill below:

6. Royal Gourmet 3-Burner 24″ Portable Gas Griddle

Best tabletop

gas grill

Royal Gourmet 3-Burner 24″ Portable Gas Griddle

This Royal Gourmet Portable Gas Griddle is perfect for tailgating, picnicking, and camping.

This portable griddle comes with a detachable telescopic handle which you can use to lift the unit onto tables or decks.

The gas burner provides 310 sq. inches of cooking space on each side (stainless steel housing) that can be used for pancakes, hash browns, hot dogs, and other barbequed food items.

Product Specs

Cooking space: 319 square inches
Maximum heat output: 24,000 BTU

The number of burners: 3
Dimensions: 28.54 x 28.54 x 8.27 inches

Top Features

  • The Royal Gourmet 319-square-inch cooking surface can hold everything from hash browns and eggs to burger patties and T-steaks at once.
  • It’s compact and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere—from your backyard to the wilderness. It’s easy to set up right away and ready to use in just a few minutes.
  • It’s got a porcelain-enameled cooking surface that keeps its heat and looks good for years.
  • With three stainless steel burners on board, it’s got enough power to feed your whole family at once.
  • The oil leak hole channels excess oil and drips away from the cooking surface to the removable grease cup on the right side so it doesn’t gum up your food or leave stains on surfaces.

The bottom line

The Royal Gourmet 3-Burner 24′′ Portable Gas Griddle is a great addition to your both indoor and outdoor cooking. It has 3 burners with a griddle surface that can cook up to 6 sandwiches at one time. This unit will provide you with ease of use and convenience on a regular basis.

You can check the latest price and buy the Royal Gourmet 3-Burner 24′′ Portable Gas Griddle Grill below:

7. Blackstone Adventure Ready 17″ Tabletop Outdoor Griddle

Best budget

gas grill

Blackstone Adventure Ready 17″ Tabletop Outdoor Griddle

The Blackstone Adventure Ready 17” Tabletop Griddle is the perfect outdoor cooking tool for any outdoor enthusiast.

Whether you need to cook at a family barbecue, tailgate parties, picnics, or even on camping trips, this griddle will help you make all your favorite dishes from pancakes to stuffed burgers.

Simply add your favorite ingredients and turn it on to crispy perfection!

Product Specs

Cooking space: 268 square inches
Maximum heat output: 12,000 BTU

The number of burners: 1
Dimensions: 20.00 x 8.00 x 20.00 Inches

Top Features

  • It’s simple to put together and use.
  • With a powder-coated steel foundation for long-term strength
  • An H-style stainless steel burner for even heat distribution.
  • The cooking surface is made of thick rolled steel for excellent heat retention and distribution, so whether you’re cooking pancakes or hamburgers, eggs, or hot dogs, this griddle can handle it all.
  • The variable cooking temperatures range from low to high.
  • And with its removable cooking surface, cleaning this thing is easy, like nothing! Just pop off the top and scrub away!

The bottom line

If you’re looking for the best tabletop flat top grill that will not break the bank, the Blackstone Adventure Ready 17″ Tabletop Outdoor Griddle is for you.

You can check the latest price and buy the Blackstone Adventure 17″ Grill below:

What is a flat top grill?

gas grill
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A flat top grill, usually made from cast iron or steel, is a type of grill that has a large, flat cooking surface. This allows for even cooking, which is great for you if you want to cook food quickly and efficiently.

The large flat surface also makes cleaning easier because all you need to do is wipe it down.

This is the right choice if you are looking for something to replace your traditional gas griddle.

What Are the Different Types of Flat Top Grills?

There are many types of flat top grills, but the most common are full-size and tabletop flat tops.

Aside from the differences in fuel consumption and portability, tabletop and full-size flat top grills use different heat sources:

  • Gas: Because it allows for temperature control while cooking, gas is the most commonly used heat source for flat top grills.
  • Charcoal: Charcoal provides something that gas grills do not: it adds smoke to the mix while cooking. The smoke provides the charbroiled flavor that many people enjoy. This is unusual for griddles, but it does exist!
  • Electric: Flat top grills that use electricity as a heat source are also available. Electric grills heat up faster than other types but lack authentic grilled flavor.

Pros and Cons of flat top grills

You might love it for

  • Heat evenly distribution
  • Large cooking surface area
  • It’s healthy and uses little oil
  • Ideal for throwing outside barbecues party with large groups of people
  • Available  in many sizes
  • It can replace pressure canning of low acid foods
  • More versatile than a barbecue with grates

You might not love it for

  • It’s not easy to clean out the grease that builds up on flat top grills over time
  • Lack of smoky flavor because there’s no way to control how much smoke gets in contact with the food being cooked

What to consider when buying a flat top grill?

cooking surface


The bigger your flat top grill is, the more room there will be for food to cook without having to move it around. So consider a flat top grill that is large enough to accommodate your cooking needs.

Cooking surface area

If you’re planning on grilling up a lot of food at once, you may want to consider a larger grill ( at least 500 square inches) than if you’re only cooking for one or two people (at least 300 square inches). If you have room in your kitchen, however, the simplest solution is to buy the largest grill that fits your needs.


You should also consider your mobility when choosing a flat top grill. While some models are portable and can be moved easily from place to place, others are not and will require more space if they’re not installed on an island or countertop.

Cooking surface material

Another thing to consider when buying a flat top grill is how well it distributes heat evenly across all surfaces of the grill plate (or pan). If there are hot spots or holes in the grate, then your food might burn before it’s done cooking on one side of the plate/pan.

Easy to clean

The high-quality flat top grill is those that are easy to clean. It’s important to choose a model that you can easily clean and maintain since this is where you cook your food and maintaining its cleanliness is very important to avoid eating dirty and contaminated foods.

Heat distribution: A good flat top grill will be able to adjust its temperature to maintain an even temperature across the surface of the food. This will ensure that your food doesn’t burn or become overdone.

The number of burners

The number of burners on your flat top grill will determine how quickly you can cook and how much food you can cook at once. The more burners you have, the quicker your grill will get hot and the quicker you can cook.


It’s also important to consider the amount of heat your flat top grill can handle. Make sure to find one that can control the heat and temperature well.


How much is this grill going to cost me? You don’t want something that’s going to break the bank, but you also don’t want something so cheap that it doesn’t work well. Smaller and tabletop ones will cost between $100 and $200, while full-size ones will cost between $500 and $1000.


When you’re planning to buy a flat top grill, it’s essential to consider the warranty. The manufacturer should offer a warranty on their product and how long it lasts. This way, you know that if there is any problem with your new grill, you’ll be able to get it repaired or replaced quickly and easily.

How do flat top grills work?

A flat top grill is a type of griddle, and it’s a trendy outdoor cooking method because it’s so easy to use.

The key thing to remember about a flat top grill is that the surface is flat. This means that there’s no need for special equipment or tools

The idea behind it is simple: you put your food on the pan and flip it over when it’s cooked.

In other words, it cooks evenly because there are no hot spots where the food will burn. Also, since there are no hot spots, you can cook steak at high temperatures without fear of burning the meat.

Best flat top grills – FAQs

To wrap up

In this regard, I’ve reviewed the 7 best flat top grill available today. If you’re unsure where to begin, this guide will help you find the right flat top grill for your outdoor cooking needs.

The right flat top grill is designed to meet your needs, whether you want to throw a party on the weekends with your friends or you just want to cook up a small batch of food.

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