How To Make Grilled Cheese In Toaster Oven (Quick & Easy)

Making grilled cheese in a toaster oven can be frustrating if you aren’t used to cooking with your toaster oven. The problem is that the bread doesn’t brown and doesn’t get crispy enough.

To make grilled cheese in a toaster oven, spread a thin layer of butter or light mayonnaise on one side of each slice of bread. Preheat the oven to 425–450 degrees F, then put the bread in the oven and set it to “bake,” then let it cook for 5 minutes. Flip after 5 minutes and serve when golden brown with crisp edges.

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grilled cheese on a wooden cutting board

If you’re looking for a way to make grilled cheese in your toaster oven, then these tips will help you succeed every time!

Can you make grilled cheese in a toaster oven?

Can you make grilled cheese in a toaster oven?
Can you make grilled cheese in a toaster oven?

Toaster ovens are perfectly suited for making grilled cheese sandwiches. The cooking process is straightforward, and it’s not much different from toasting bread; it’s just a matter of adding cheese in the middle and baking until it’s golden brown.

The only downside to making grilled cheese in a toaster oven is that it takes just a little bit longer than the regular method because of the oven preheating time. It’s not much of an issue at all, but if you’re looking for something that’s ready faster, then you should probably stick with the pan-grilled cheese method.

Which are the best cheeses for toaster oven grilled cheese sandwiches?

Different types of cheeses
Different types of cheeses

While many types of cheese make a tasty grilled cheese sandwich, the most popular are American cheese, cheddar, and brie. These three kinds of cheese melt well and have a mild flavor that won’t overpower other ingredients in your sandwich. 

American cheese

This is great on its own or mixed with other cheeses. It’s also known as “regular” cheese. It has a mild flavor that combines salty and creamy notes, making it a solid choice if you want to buy only one type of cheese.


Brie is a cheese made from raw cow’s milk; originally French but now popular around the world. 

Its light yellow color with an ivory mold and soft texture distinguishes it from other cheeses. 

It tastes like a tasty combo of white truffle, fried egg, and garlic. If you want something a little lighter than American (and don’t mind paying more), this is the one for you.


Cheddar is one of the most popular cheeses in America thanks to its versatility and range of flavors. It’s made from cow’s milk and has a sharp, full flavor. Cheddar cheese is usually aged for a minimum of two months but can also be aged up to two years. The longer it ages, the harder and sharper its taste becomes.

Cheddar is an excellent choice for grilled cheese sandwiches because of its sharpness, which contrasts nicely with the buttery and crispy texture of the bread.

Which is the best kind of bread for toaster oven grilled cheese sandwiches?

toasted bread slices with lemon on a wooden cutting board
toasted bread slices with lemon on a wooden cutting board

When it comes to making grilled cheese sandwiches, there are many different types of bread you can use. But if you want that classic grilled cheese sandwich taste, sourdough is the best kind of bread. This kind of bread has a slightly tangy flavor that goes well with melted cheese and butter.

Because grilled cheese is made with just two ingredients—cheese and bread—the kind of bread you choose can significantly affect how it tastes.

Besides sourdough bread, you can also use brioche or Pullman loaf. Both of these options are flavorful and will give your grilled cheese sandwich a different taste. The choice is up to you; just remember to keep the bread dry and thickly sliced, so it doesn’t become soggy.

Toaster oven grilled cheese recipes

For this recipe, we recommend using a toaster oven with a removable crumb tray or one with a removable tray that can be cleaned after cooking. To make life easier, you can use parchment paper to line the tray, making cleanup easier.


  • 2 slices of sourdough bread (or whole wheat bread)
  •  1/4 cup of shredded cheddar cheese
  •  2 cheese slices
  •  2 tablespoons of light mayo (most people use butter, but with mayo, you can add more flavor and moisture to your grilled cheese)


1. Move your oven cooking rack to the bottom of the toaster oven and adjust the oven set to “bake.” This setting is like a traditional oven, with most heat coming from the bottom elements.

2. Put the baking sheet in the toaster oven and preheat the oven to 425–450 degrees F. Preheating the oven helps the cheese melt more evenly.

3. Spread light mayo on one side of each sliced bread with a brush, then add cheese slices and shredded cheese between each slice. Top with remaining bread slice, mayo side up.

5. Using a pair of oven mitts, carefully remove the baking sheet from the oven and line the bottom with parchment paper.

6. Place the bread on a baking sheet and put it back in the toaster oven, then bake it for about 5 minutes or until the bottom is perfectly browned.

7. Remove the baking sheet and flip the sandwich with a pancake turner.

8. Return the baking sheet to the oven and bake for another 3–4 minutes, or until you notice that the cheese in the toaster has melted and the sandwich has a perfect brownness on the outside.

9. Remove the grilled cheese sandwich from the toaster oven and allow it to cool, then slice the sandwich in half and serve.  

How do you know when a toaster oven grilled cheese sandwich is done?

When your grilled cheese is done, it should be golden brown and crispy on the outside, and the cheese should be completely melted. Using a toaster oven can take anywhere from 8 to 10 minutes, depending on your specific model and how thick your bread is.

A thermometer is the best way to determine if your sandwich is done. Insert the probe into the center of the sandwich and check for an internal temperature of 165°F.

What To Serve With Grilled Cheese?

Serving grilled cheese successfully is all about choosing the right accompaniments. Some delicious additions to grilled cheese are tomato soup, cilantro sauce, Caesar salad, and cole slaw.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup

You can’t go wrong with grilled cheese and tomato soup! This is a classic combination that is sure to satisfy any hunger pangs. The grilled cheese is nice and melty, with a crispy exterior. The tomato soup is creamy and has just the right amount of sweetness.


Grilled cheese and cilantro sauce

Cilantro sauce is made with cilantro, yogurt, sour cream, garlic, and jalapeño peppers. This sauce has amazing flavor and is great with grilled cheese. You can use this sauce as a dip or drizzle it over your sandwich.

cilantro sauce and jalapeño peppers
cilantro sauce and jalapeño peppers

Grilled cheese and Caesar salad

This classic salad is another great option for adding color and flavor to your grilled cheese sandwich without going overboard on calories. The dressing is creamy, garlicky, and full of flavor. The romaine lettuce adds crunch, while the parmesan adds a salty kick. This will be your new favorite way to enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches!

delicious chicken caesar salad

Grilled cheese and cole slaw

This side dish is another great way to use up leftover veggies in the fridge. I love to top my grilled cheeses with cole slaw, but you can also try serving it on the side. The vinegar and sugar mix helps bring out the natural sweetness of the veggies in this dish, which is a great way to balance out the saltiness of your grilled cheese.


My Top Pick Toaster Oven For Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

The Oster 10-in-1 Countertop Toaster Oven With French Doors is my top-pick toaster oven for grilled cheese sandwiches because of its large capacity and ease of use. The manufacturer claims that the Oster 10-in-1 can fit two large pizzas at once, which is perfect if you’re looking for a versatile appliance that can make a large batch of grilled cheese sandwiches at once.

our top pick

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Oster 10-in-1 Countertop Toaster Oven With French Doors


Most toaster oven manufacturers don’t recommend putting aluminum foil in the oven because modern technology is more advanced; you don’t need to wrap your sandwich in foil to keep the oven clean. Also, covering your sandwich with foil will prevent air from circulating properly around the food and allow it to cook evenly.

The reason might be that the bread is sliced too thickly or too thinly. The ideal slice of bread’s thickness for grilled cheese is 1 to 1.5 inches; thinner slices tend to get soggy more easily. One of the best tips for getting crispy grilled cheese is to toast the bread first.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, a quick and easy way to make grilled cheese in a toaster oven!

I have to say; this is the best grilled cheese I have ever had. The cheese was melted just right, and the bread was nice and crispy. I hope this guide helps you guys out so you can enjoy a delicious grilled cheese in no time!

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