7 Best Air Fryer Grill Combo In 2022 (Ranked And Reviewed)

Choosing the best Air Fryer Grill Combo is vitally important. From comfort to efficiency, it can help you cook a delicious meal without the hassle of oil or grease. It also allows you to cook healthy meals and avoid unhealthy deep-frying food in oil. In this buying guide, I’ve pulled together a list of my top 7 picks for the best air fryer grill combos available today to help you make an easier purchase decision.

best air fryer grill combo

When it comes to cooking, the air fryer is one of the helpful tools for your kitchen, but you might not know that it can also be used for grilling.

This small, versatile appliance can help you create nutritious, favorite foods that are easy enough for anyone to make, including children.

Its shape and size make it perfect for health-conscious families trying to fit more veggies into their diets, who don’t want fatty meats to take up their limited time.

But with many choices on the market, choosing the right air fryer grill for you might not be easy.

That’s why I researched each product and pulled together a list of the 7 best air fryer grills based on their features, quality, and price range so that you can make an informed decision when buying one for yourself this year!

Let’s get started!

What is the best air fryer grill combo?

Here are my top 7 picks for the best air fryer grill combo to buy this year

1. COSORI Air Fryer Oven Combo

2. Ninja FG551 Foodi

3. Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1

4. PowerXL 8-in-1 Air Fryer Grill

5. Philips Premium Airfryer XXL

6. GoWISE USA 14.7-Quart Air Fryer Grill

7. Ninja Foodi IG651

1. COSORI Air Fryer Oven Combo 12-1

Best Overall Air Fryer Grill Combo with smart voice control.


The Cosori Smart Toaster Oven Air Fryer Combo CS130-AO-RXB is the perfect kitchen versatile appliance for anyone who wants to cook delicious, simple meals.

With this unit, you can make even rotisserie chicken with 30% efficiency, and the improved hot air circulation cooks food faster than a traditional oven.

It also includes a bonus wire rack for extra space on your countertop.

The oven rotates your food so it cooks evenly and quickly—so you can whip up a meal in the time it takes to boil water!

And if you’re looking for something different than what’s already out there, this is it: 100+ recipes are included that show you how to make everything from snacks to desserts, with step-by-step instructions and voice control.

Top features

  • 12 Functions: Toast, Bagel, Pizza, Bake, Roast, Air Fry, Broil Cookies Rotisserie Dehydrate Ferment or select Warm
  • It has a large capacity, meaning you can cook for 5-7 people with our 32-quart/30-litre air fryer toaster oven
  • uses 85% less oil than traditional deep-fried foods, so you don’t have to worry about adding extra fat when cooking with this smart appliance.
  • With smart controls, you can use your smartphone or voice control to change the settings.
  • Reduce your cooking time by using Smart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Convection Fan. This function is perfect for a rotisserie chicken.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for a smart, versatile grill air fryer that you can control with your voice, the Cosori Smart Toaster Oven Air Fryer is a good option.

2. Ninja Foodi Grill FG551

Best Air Fryer Grill Combo



An innovative and smart design, this 6-in-1 indoor grill lets you achieve the perfect doneness from rare to well at the touch of a button.

With its Smart Cook System, achieve the perfect doneness from rare to well at the touch of a button without guesswork.

In addition, with six cook modes; Grill, Air Crisp, Bake, Roast, Dehydrate, and Broil.

What’s more, it can also be used as an air fryer so you can enjoy your favorite guilt-free fried foods. Just select your protein type and desired doneness and let Ninja Foodi tell you when it’s perfectly cooked.

With its XL capacity, you can grill even more large family meals while remaining virtually smoke-free!

Top features

  • With a Digital Display, the Foodi FG551 will ensure that your food is always cooked properly.
  • The smart thermometer monitors temperatures, so you can rest assured that your meat will be ready when you are.
  • Features an automatic Shut-Off, so you’ll never be left with a sizzling grill or burnt food.
  • It’s also compatible with Interchangeable Plates, allowing you to swap out plates while using the same product easily. Each plate is made with a nonstick coating, so they won’t stick or burn while cooking on them.
  • The smoke control system allows for smoke-reduced indoor grilling without worrying about making too much smoke outside where it’s not wanted.
  • Features a timer so you can control how long your food cooks without having to get up off the couch.
  • Cyclonic Grilling Technology at 500F for char-grilled marks and flavors

The bottom line

The Ninja FG551 Foodi Grill is one of the best indoor grills you can buy. It has all the features above and is also perfect for home chefs and small kitchens.

3. Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1

Best Grill Air Fryer With Touch Interface


Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 is a countertop appliance that lets you cook your favorite meals in minutes, using the power of airflow top-down It’s perfect for making chicken wings, roasted veggies, garlicky potatoes, cookies, cinnamon buns…and more!

Crisp technology, on the other hand, ensures crisp, tender results every time. Its ideal size is large enough to accommodate growing families while remaining small enough to fit in any kitchen.

The built-in smart cooking programs make it simple, with customizable programs for easy cooking and overheat protection for safety. As a result, you can prepare all of your favorite fried foods with less oil and less mess!

Top Features

  • Features a 6-in-1 functionality that lets you fry, broil, roast, dehydrate, bake and reheat easily. You’ll also be able to create gourmet meals with the versatility of a temperature range of 95 to 400° F.
  • With advanced technology that drives airflow top-down for a perfect golden finish and crispy, tender results every time, you’ll never want to use another appliance again.
  • Customizable programs for one-touch wings, roasted veggies, garlicky potatoes, cookies, cinnamon buns, and more!
  • Its non-stick design, dishwasher-safe basket, and tray set are built for easy cleanup after use.
  • It has built-in safety features like overheat protection, auto shut-off, and more so you can focus on what matters: delicious food.

You can also download a free Instant Pot app to create quick new favorites and prepare delicious meals, which is available on iOS and Android.

The bottom line

This innovative air fryer has six cooking modes and a touch screen interface that lets you make all your food exactly the way you want. This air fryer also comes with an indicator light that lets you know when the food is ready to be dished up. If you’re looking for a smart air fryer grill combo with a control program, then Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 is a good fit.

4. PowerXL Air Fryer Grill 8-in-1

Best Budget Air Fryer Grill For Multiple Uses.


The PowerXL Air Fryer Grill is a versatile, powerful, and energy-efficient solution to all your cooking needs. You can quickly grill a 10-pound chicken or burger with an 8-in-1 feature that includes roast, bake, grill, air fry, toast, reheat, and rotisserie modes.

The days of waiting for the oven to pre-heat before discovering that the food inside was overcooked or burnt to the point where it couldn’t be eaten are long gone.

You can now enjoy steakhouse-quality grilling and high-heat searing up to 450° while keeping meat and vegetable tender and not overcooking.

The nonstick grill pan allows you to make juicy char-grill marks outside while keeping your food moist inside.

Top Features

  • Includes:
    • nonstick grill grate
    • nonstick griddle pan
    • air fryer basket
    • baking pan
    • stainless steel roasting rack
    • and drip tray
    • a recipe book
  • It cooks up to 40% faster than a conventional oven because it uses cyclonic technology that circulates air around all sides of the food at very high speeds. This makes the inside of the food tender and even, while the outside gets extra golden and crisp.
  • Superheated cyclonic air moves quickly around all sides of the food, making the inside soft and even and the outside extra golden crisp.
  • It uses less or no oil and up to 70% fewer calories from fat than a regular oven so that you can eat healthy meals.
  • Easy to use and dishwasher safe.

The bottom line

The PowerXL Air Fryer Grill is a full-service indoor grill air fryer combo that lets you make healthier, fast food at home—without having to leave the comfort of your own kitchen.

5. Philips Premium Airfryer XXL

Best Air Fryer Grill with fat removal technology.


The Philips Airfryer XXL is the only air fryer with fat removal technology, which extracts and captures more fat than regular air fryers for your healthy cooking.

You can now fry your favorite foods with little or no added oil while also removing fat from the food. The result is delicious, healthier fried food that is as crispy as deep-fried but contains 90% less fat!

This air fryer can do more than just fry; it can also grill, roast, bake, and reheat, effectively replacing multiple kitchen appliances!

Top Features

  • It can fit a whole chicken or 2 bags of frozen french fries and produce results that are just as crispy as deep-frying.
  • With a 3-pound/4 quart capacity, you can prepare delicious meals for up to 6 people daily.
  • To save time cleaning up after your meal, this Philips Airfryer XXL includes dishwasher-safe removable parts and a quick-clean basket to save time cleaning up after your meal.
  • Air fry, bake, grill, roast, reheat, dehydrate, and toast in the same device.
  • The air fryer heats up quickly and is ready to use in seconds, cooking four times faster than a conventional oven. You can save time and begin cooking immediately because no preheating is required.

The bottom line

If you’re looking for an air fryer combo to cook your everyday healthy meals, then Philips Airfryer XXL is the best choice. With fat removal technology that reduces fat content by up to 90%, this electric fryer can be used to quickly and easily prepare a wide variety of food, including fish, chicken, and vegetables.

6. GoWISE USA 14.7-Quart Air Fryer Grill

Best Air Fryer Grill with stainless steel design and accessories


This 14. 7-quart air fryer will cook your favorite fried foods and even grill your meats or veggies to perfection.

The high-quality stainless steel body and interior make it durable enough to cook virtually anything, while 11 accessories make it the ultimate cooking tool for a variety of use cases.

Enjoy all those tasty fried foods without worrying about those deep-fried splatters in your kitchen.

The included heavy-duty cast aluminum grill plate is perfect for making any grilled meals look more elegant than ever before!

Top Features

  • It comes with
    • Stainless steel silicone-tipped tongs
    • Two mesh racks
    • A shallow mesh basket
    • The rotisserie rod and forks
    • rotisserie cage
    • rotisserie skewers
    • A drip pan
  • With dual heating and rapid air crisp technology, this air fryer allows you to air fry, grill, sear, dehydrate, roast, toast, bake, and more in one appliance.
  • It is built with dual heating elements that heat up faster and more evenly, reducing cooking time.
  • Its non-stick coating simplifies cleanup and eliminates the need to scrub and scrape residue from a standard outdoor grill.
  • It has a glass touch control panel and a display to look sophisticated and match any kitchen.
  • The heavy-duty glass door has safety hinges that allow the user to open the door at two levels.
  • The new preheat function heats the air fryer grill to the desired temperature and alerts you when it’s time to put your food in.
  • It has a dehydrating preset with a temperature range of 90°F to 130°F and a cooking time of up to 8 hours, allowing you to make jerky, fruit leather, dried herbs, or tasty treats for your furry friends.

The bottom line

The GoWISE USA 14.7-Quart Grill Air Fryer is the best air fryer out there if you’re looking for one that comes with many accessories, has a variety of cooking options, and has a sleek stainless steel design.

7. Ninja Foodi IG651

Best High-End Grill Air Fryer that comes with a Smart Thermometer


The Ninja Foodi Smart XL Pro is the ultimate multi-cooker. With a 500F independently powered grill grate, and BBQ griddling to cook foods that other grills can’t, this appliance unlocks more cooking options than ever before.

You can use it for everything from grilled cheese sandwiches to various healthy egg dishes.

Top Features

  • Features 7 cooking functions: grill, BBQ griddle, crisp air, roast, bake and broil.
  • Allows you to cook air fry crisp with up to 75% less fat than deep-frying.
  • Using this smart thermometer, you can achieve the perfect doneness from rare to well with 4 smart protein settings and 9 customizable doneness levels.
  • The XL Family-Sized Capacity allows you to grill 6 steaks, mains, and sides at once, making room for extra ingredients in your crisper basket and BBQ griddle plate.
  • Dehydrate functions are enabled by a wide temperature range that ranges from 100°C (212°F) up to 450°C (842°F), so you’ll be able to choose which method of cooking works best for your dish.
  • This kitchen appliance is easy to clean—all of its components are dishwasher safe.
  • What’s included:
    • Ninja Foodi Smart XL Pro Griddle & Grill
    • 9″ x 12″ Grill Grate
    • 12″ Flat Top BBQ Griddle
    • 4-qt. Crisper Basket
    • Foodi Smart Thermometer
    • Quick Start Guide.

The bottom line

This is a good choice if you are looking for the best grill air fryer without worrying much about the price. Ninja Foodi IG651 is not only a great product but also a value for money.

The product has been designed to give an amazing experience to the user. It has been made with a lot of innovation and technology, making it different from other products in the market.

What is an air fryer grill combo?

An air fryer grill combo combines an air fryer and a grill. It’s a great way to cook food that would traditionally be fried, and it can save you money in the long run because you don’t have to pay for two separate appliances.

The best part about an air fryer grill combo is that it saves time, which means you can get more done in a day—and eat healthier meals!

What to consider to buying the best air fryer grill combo?

Size and capacity

The size and capacity of the air fryer grill combo are the first things to consider when shopping for one. The larger it is, the more food you can cook at once.

If you have a small kitchen or a limited amount of space, you might want something that’s not as large as possible.

On the other hand, if you have a large kitchen or lots of room for entertaining, it may be worth getting something with more cooking space.

Cooking functions

The number of cooking functions that your air fryer grill combo has is another thing that you need to consider when buying one.

For example, some models can only air fry and grill while others also can bake. roast, reheat,… The more features your air fryer grill combo has, the more useful it will be in easily preparing different foods.

Time and temperature settings

When getting the best air fryer grill combo, it’s important to consider both time and temperature settings.

If you want your food to be cooked faster than normal but still retain some of its crunchiness, you need a timer that can manage high temperatures.

If you want your food to stay crispier but at a lower temperature, then an infrared grill is most likely what you’re looking for.

Is it easy to clean?

You should also consider whether or not the unit is easy to clean. A good air fryer grill will have a removable drip tray so that you can easily wash the inside of the machine without having to open up the entire thing.

This is especially important if you’re planning on using this appliance often in your home kitchen!


The best air fryer grill combo is going to be the one that is the best value for your money.

You need to consider how much money you want to spend on this product and look for a model that fits within your budget.

If you’re willing to spend more than $120, then it’s likely that you’ll be able to find a better deal elsewhere.


It’s important to know what kind of warranty your purchase provides and how long it takes. Does it cover defects or only parts? If there are problems with the unit, are they covered? Be sure to ask these kinds of questions before you buy.


How do I clean the air fryer grill combo?

It’s easy! Just remove the grilling plates from your air fryer, and then wipe them down with damp paper towels. Then wash them with warm soapy water, rinse them thoroughly to ensure no traces of food stuck to them, and let them air dry before putting them back in your air fryer.

Is it safe to use an air fryer grill combo?

Absolutely! Your air fryer grill combo will be safe for you and your family to use even when you bring it along the road or when you’re traveling. The only thing that should be avoided is using metal utensils while cooking with your new appliance.

How long does it take to make grilled meat in an air fryer grill combo?

On average, grilled meat takes around 15~20 minutes per side, but you can cook it for longer if you like. Remember that your air fryer grill combo will vary slightly depending on how many burners it has, so you may need to adjust cooking times accordingly.

Can you cook vegetables in a grill air fryer?

Yes, you can!

Because of their high water content, vegetables are great to use in an air fryer grill combo. They won’t turn out greasy or soggy, and you won’t have to worry about them getting burnt on the outside.

Wrap Up

So, which is the best air fryer grill combo? For me, it’s the Black + Decker CB1500!

It checks off all the boxes for what we are looking for in a combo appliance. It offers a convenient, compact indoor grilling space. And it costs less than some of the other combos on our list, which means you can make healthier meals for your family without breaking the bank.

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